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MPI-INF D1 Publications

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Journal of Algorithms
1998Albers, Susanne
Koga, Hisashi
New on-line algorithms for the page replication problem
In: Journal of Algorithms [27], 75-96
Journal of Algorithms
1998Arikati, Srinivasa Rao
Chaudhuri, Shiva
Zaroliagis, Christos
All-Pairs Min-Cut in Sparse Networks
In: Journal of Algorithms [29], 82-110
Journal of Algorithms
1995Gupta, Prosenjit
Janardan, Ravi
Smid, Michiel
Further results on generalized intersection searching problems:
counting, reporting, and dynamization
In: Journal of Algorithms [19], 282-317
Journal of Algorithms
1995Hagerup, TorbenFast Deterministic Processor Allocation
In: Journal of Algorithms [18], 629-649
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