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MPI-INF D1 Publications

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YearTitleBibTeX cite key
Show details for WangWang
Show details for WarkenWarken
Show details for Warken, SchömerWarken, Schömer
Show details for WeberWeber
Show details for Weikum, Bast, Canright, Hales, Schindelhauer, TriantafillouWeikum, Bast, Canright, Hales, Schindelhauer, Triantafillou
Show details for WeinandWeinand
Show details for WeiskircherWeiskircher
Show details for Wendt, Lange, Ray, SmidWendt, Lange, Ray, Smid
Show details for Wendt, Lange, Smid, Ray, TönniesWendt, Lange, Smid, Ray, Tönnies
Show details for WilhelmiWilhelmi
Hide details for WinzenWinzen
2013Direction-Reversing Quasi-Random Rumor Spreading with Restarts
In: Information Processing Letters [113], 921-926
2011Direction-Reversing Quasi-Random Rumor Spreading with RestartsWinzen2011b
2011Toward a complexity theory for randomized search heuristics : black box models
Universität des Saarlandes
Show details for WissenWissen
Show details for WolpertWolpert
Show details for Xu, Karrenbauer, Soh, CodreaXu, Karrenbauer, Soh, Codrea
Show details for Xu, Karrenbauer, Soh, WahlXu, Karrenbauer, Soh, Wahl
Show details for Xu, Wahl, Eeisenbrand, Karrenbauer, Soh, HitzelbergerXu, Wahl, Eeisenbrand, Karrenbauer, Soh, Hitzelberger
Show details for Yap, Sagraloff, SharmaYap, Sagraloff, Sharma
Show details for ZaroliagisZaroliagis
Show details for ZiegelmannZiegelmann
Show details for ZiegenbeinZiegenbein
Show details for ZieglerZiegler
Show details for ZosinZosin
Show details for Zotenko, Mestre, O'Leary, PrzytyzkaZotenko, Mestre, O'Leary, Przytyzka

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