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Towards practical permutation routing on meshes

Kaufmann, Michael and Meyer, Ulrich and Sibeyn, Jop F.

October 1994, 11 pages.

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We consider the permutation routing problem on two-dimensional $n \times n$ meshes. To be practical, a routing algorithm is required to ensure very small queue sizes $Q$, and very low running time $T$, not only asymptotically but particularly also for the practically important $n$ up to $1000$. With a technique inspired by a scheme of Kaklamanis/Krizanc/Rao, we obtain a near-optimal result: $T = 2 \cdot n + {\cal O}(1)$ with $Q = 2$. Although $Q$ is very attractive now, the lower order terms in $T$ make this algorithm highly impractical. Therefore we present simple schemes which are asymptotically slower, but have $T$ around $3 \cdot n$ for {\em all} $n$ and $Q$ between 2 and 8.

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