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Lovasz meets Weisfeiler-Leman

Prof. Martin Grohe
RWTH Aachen University
SWS Colloquium

Prof. Martin Grohe is full professor at
RWTH Aachen University where he heads the chair for Logic and
Theory of Discrete Systems. His research interests are logic, algorithms
und complexity, database theory, graph theory, and algorithmic learning
theory.(Joint work with Holger Dell and Gaurav Rattan.)
AG 1, AG 2, AG 3, AG 4, AG 5, SWS, RG1, MMCI  
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Date, Time and Location

Wednesday, 4 April 2018
60 Minutes


I will speak about an unexpected correspondence between a
beautiful theory, due to Lovasz, about homomorphisms and graph limits
and a popular heuristic for the graph isomorphism problem known as the
Weisfeiler-Leman algorithm. I will also relate this to graph kernels
in machine learning. Indeed, the context of this work is to desgin and
understand similarity measures between graphs and discrete structures.


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