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“Improving Reactive Capabilities of Internet Peering Infrastructure in Stressful Situations“

Daniel Wagner
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik - INET

Daniel is a Ph.D. student at Internet Architecture group at Max Planck Institute for Informatics. Before joining MPI, he worked as a scientific assistant at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology during his master's courses and is a full-time researcher at DE-CIX, the world's leading IXP.
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Monday, 3 June 2024
60 Minutes
E1 4


The Internet has revolutionized communication, entertainment, and access to information since its inception. All of this depends on a resilient Internet infrastructure. Resilience is threatened both by analog and digital stress situations. Analog stress situations include, e.g., a global pandemic, and digital stress situations include, e.g., attacks in the Internet. In this thesis, we investigate how the Internet can handle both analog and digital stress situations. We use a diverse set of Internet vantage points to measure the stress situations and propose conceptual, reactive, and proactive solutions to improve the overall resilience of the Internet.


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