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Decision problems in sub-semigroups of metabelian groups.

Ruiwen Dong
University of Oxford
AG1 Mittagsseminar (own work)
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Friday, 9 June 2023
60 Minutes
E1 4


Algorithmic problems in metabelian groups have been studied as early as the 1950s since the work of Hall. In the 1970s Romanovskii proved decidability of the Group Membership problem (given the generators of a subgroup and a target element, decide if the target element is in the subgroup) in metabelian groups. However, Semigroup Membership (same as Group Membership, but with sub-semigroups) has been shown to be undecidable in several instances of metabelian groups using embeddings of either the Hilbert's tenth problem or two-counter automata.

In this talk we consider two "intermediate" decision problems: the Identity Problem (deciding if a sub-semigroup contains the neutral element) and the Group Problem (deciding if a sub-semigroup is a group). We reduce them to solving linear equations over the polynomial semiring N[X] and show decidability using an extension of a local-global principle by Einsiedler (2003).


Roohani Sharma
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