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Query Processing in the Information Manifold: Answering Queries using Structured sources on the WWW

Dr. Alon Levy
AT&T Bell Laboratories
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Friday, 26 April 96
60 Minutes
43.1 - DFKI


The World Wide Web (WWW) provides access to a multitude of information
sources. A growing number of these sources are structured, and
provide a query interface, and even more sources behave as structured
sources if we use an appropriate interface program (e.g., for parsing
structured text files). Unfortunately, even though these sources, when
put together, have the potential of answering complex user queries,
the current interaction with them is much like browsing, and users
have to find and interact with each source separately.

I will describe the Information Manifold system, developed at AT&T
Bell Labs, that provides a uniform query interface to large
collections of structured information sources. The Information
Manifold combines novel techniques from the two fields of Artificial
Intelligence and Database Systems. Specifically, the Information
Manifold provides a rich language for describing both the contents and
the capabilities of information sources, and algorithms for
determining precisely which information sources are relevant to a
given query.

The representation language used in the system is based on CARIN, a
novel combination of Horn rules and Description logics, two formalisms
that are necessary for this application. I will describe the core
results about this languages, which include a sound and complete
reasoning procedure for non-recursive CARIN-ALCNR knowledge bases, and
an analysis about when exactly reasoning is decidable in the presence
of recursion.


Dr. Werner Nutt
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