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Paths to AI Accountability

Sarah Cen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
CIS@MPG Colloquium

Sarah is a final-year PhD student at MIT in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department advised by Professor Aleksander Mądry and Professor Devavrat Shah. Sarah utilizes methods from machine learning, statistical inference, causal inference, and game theory to study responsible computing and AI policy. Previously, she has written about social media, trustworthy algorithms, algorithmic fairness, and more. She is currently interested in AI auditing, AI supply chains, and IP Law x Gen AI.
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AG Audience

Date, Time and Location

Monday, 19 February 2024
60 Minutes


In the past decade, we have begun grappling with difficult questions related to the rise of AI, including: What rights do individuals have in the age of AI? When should we regulate AI and when should we abstain? What degree of transparency is needed to monitor AI systems? These questions are all concerned with AI accountability: determining who owes responsibility and to whom in the age of AI. In this talk, I will discuss the two main components of AI accountability, then illustrate them through a case study on social media. Within the context of social media, I will focus on how social media platforms filter (or curate) the content that users see. I will review several methods for auditing social media, drawing from concepts and tools in hypothesis testing, causal inference, and LLMs.


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