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Neighbourhood Logic: An Adequate First-order Interval Logic

Suman Roy
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA
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Thursday, 24 July 97
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46.1 - MPII


In this talk we introduce a first-order logic of interval, called
Neighbourhood Logic (NL) which has provisions for formalisation of
liveness and fairness properties of the computing systems. This has two
expanding modalities, viz. dia_l and dia_r:

An interpretation I and an interval [b,e] satisfies dia_l(A) (dia_r(A))
if and only if there exists d greater than equals 0 such that I and
[b-d, e] (or, I and [e, e+d]) satisfy A.

We show the adequacy of NL by deriving the other unary and binary
modalities in a first-order logic in terms of the neighbourhood modalities
and the interval length. We state its axioms and rules and describe the
soundness and completeness results.

We also define various notions of real analysis in terms of dia_l and
dia_r which has opened up the possibility to construct a formal theory
to specify and reason about hybrid systems.

Finally we extend NL to get another Duration Calculus (which will be
called (DC(NL)) and express the liveness and fairness propeties of the
computing system in it.


Uwe Waldmann, Alexander Bockmayr
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Logikseminar des DFKI, FBI und MPI
Einladung zum Vortrag

Zeit: Donnerstag, 24.07.97, 16.15 Uhr
Ort: Hoersaal 024, MPI Saarbruecken (Geb. 46.1)

Suman Roy (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA):
Neighbourhood Logic: An Adequate First-order Interval Logic
(joint work with Zhou Chaochen, UNU/IIST, Macau, and
Michael Hansen, Technical University, Denmark)

Vortragswuensche fuer das Logikseminar bitte an Uwe Waldmann, MPI,
Tel.: (0681) 9325-227, uni-intern: 92227

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