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Plan Recognition as Belief Revision

Randy Goebel
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
AG 1, AG 2, AG 3, AG 4, AG 5, SWS  
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Tuesday, 22 July 97
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43.1 - DFKI
Turing (+1.01)


We provide a high-level characterization of plan recognition in terms of
a general framework of belief revision and non-monotonic reasoning.
We adopt a generalization of classical belief revision
to describe a competence model of plan recognition which supports dynamic
change to all aspects of a plan recognition knowledge base, including
background knowledge, action descriptions and their relationship to
named plans, and accumulating sets of observations on agent actions.

Our plan recognition model exploits the underlying belief revision model
to assimilate observations, and answer queries about an agent's intended
plans and actions. Supporting belief states are determined by observed
actions and non-monotonic assumptions consistent with background knowledge
and action descriptions.

We use a situation calculus notation to describe plans and actions,
together with a small repertoire of meta predicates which are used to
specify observations to the belief revision system, and to query the
reasoning system regarding the current status of plans and predictable


Our intent is to demonstrate the connections between a general plan
recognition model and important concepts of belief revision and
non-monotonic reasoning, to help establish a basis for improving the
specification and development of specialized plan recognition systems.


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