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Scientific Publications for 2013

Bjorner, N. and V. Sofronie-Stokkermans: Preface: special issue of selected extended papers of cade-23. Journal of Automated Reasoning 51, 1-2 (2013).

Dhungana, D., C.H. Tang, C. Weidenbach and P. Wischnewski: Automated verification of interactive rule-based configuration systems. In: 2013 28th IEEE/ACM Int. Conf. on Automated Software Engineering, (Eds.) E. Denney, T. Bultan, A. Zeller. IEEE, New York 2013, 551-561.

Errami, H., M. Eiswirth, ***ERROR: name entry "Grigoriev. D." contains no comma!W. Seiler, T. Sturm and A. Weber: Efficient methods to compute hopf bifurcations in chemical reaction networks using reaction coordinates. In: Proc. CASC 2013, LNCS 8136 [***Warning: Editor(s) might be missing!]. Springer, Switzerland 2013, 88-99.

Hillenbrand, T., R. Piskac, U. Waldmann and C. Weidenbach: From search to computation: redundancy criteria and simplification at work. In: Programming Logics, Essays in Memory of Harald Ganzinger, Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 7797, (Eds.) A. Voronkov, C. Weidenbach. Springer, Berlin 2013, [***Warning: Pages missing , ? p].

Hillenbrand, T. and C. Weidenbach: Superposition for bounded domains. In: Automated Reasoning and Mathematics, Essays in Memory of William W. McCune, Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 7788, (Eds.) M.P. Bonacina, M. Stickel. Springer, Heidelberg 2013, 68-100.

Horbach, M.: INFORMATIK 2013 - informatik angepasst an mensch, organisation und umwelt. . Köllen, Bonn-Buschdorf 2013, 3148 p.

Horbach, M. and V. Sofronie-Stokkermans: Obtaining finite local theory axiomatizations via saturation. In: Frontiers of Combining Systems - 9th Int. Symp., Lect. Notes Artif. Intell. 8152, (Eds.) P. Fontaine, C. Ringeissen, R.A. Schmidt. Springer, Heidelberg 2013, 198-213.

Kapur, D., R. Nieuwenhuis, A. Voronkov, C. Weidenbach and R. Wilhelm: Harald ganzinger's legacy: contributions to logics and programming. In: Programming Logics, (Eds.) A. Voronkov, C. Weidenbach. Springer, Heidelberg 2013, [***Warning: Pages missing!].

Karrenberg, R., M. Košta and T. Sturm: Presburger arithmetic in memory access optimization for data-parallel languages. In: Frontiers of Combining Systems, Lect. Notes Artif. Intell. 8152 [ *** Wrong entry format - no comma found in name value: Renate A. Schmidt]. Springer, Berlin 2013, 56-70.

Košta, M.: SMT-Based compiler support for memory access optimization for data-parallel languages. In: Proc. Fifth Int. Conf. on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and System Sciences, (Eds.) M. Košta, T. Sturm. [***Warning: Publishers name missing!], Nanning 2013, 36-42.

Sofronie-Stokkermans, V.: Hierarchical reasoning and model generation for the verification of parametric hybrid systems. In: Proc. 24th Int. Conf. on Automated Deduction (CADE-24), Lect. Notes Artif. Intell. 7898, (Ed.) M.P. Bonacina. Springer, Heidelberg 2013, 360-376.

- Locality and applications to subsumption testing in el and some of its extensions. Scientific Annals of Computer Science 23, 251-284 (2013).

- On combinations of local theory extensions. In: Programming Logics, Essays in Memory of Harald Ganzinger, Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 7797, (Eds.) A. Voronkov, C. Weidenbach. Springer, Berlin 2013, 392-413.

Voronkov, A.V. and C. Weidenbach: Programming logics - essays in memory of harald ganzinger. . Springer, Heidelberg 2013, 445 p.

Master's thesis

Esquivel Pinto, C.S.: Computing variable orders for sat-problems. Universität des Saarlandes 2013.

Reuter, J.: Real linear quantifier elimination. Universität des Saarlandes 2013.

Teucke, A.: CDCL with reduction. Universität des Saarlandes 2013.

Doctoral dissertation

Kruglov, E.: Superposition modulo theory. Universität des Saarlandes 2013.

Lu, T.: Formal verification of the pastry protocol. Universität des Saarlandes 2013.