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Scientific Publications for 2014

Horváth, G., M. Blahó, Á. Egri, R. Hegedüs and G. Szél: Circular polarization vision of scarab beetles. In: Polarized Light and Polarization Vision in Animal Sciences, (Ed.) G. Horváth. Springer, New York 2014, [***Warning: Pages missing , ?? p].

Martinez Esturo, J., C. Rössl and H. Theisel: Generalized metric energies for continuous shape deformation. LNCS 8177, 135-157 (2014).

Sýkora, D., L. Kavan, M. Čadík, O. Jamriška, A. Jacobson, B. Whited, M. Simmons and O. Sorkine-Hornung: Bas-Relief meshes for adding global illumination effects to hand-drawn characters. ACM Transactions on Graphics 33, 1-16 (2014).