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  1. Matthias Ihrke, Tobias Ritschel, Kaleigh Smith, Thorsten Grosch, Karol Myszkowski, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    A Perceptual Evaluation of 3D Unsharp Masking
    In: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIV, San Jose, CA, 2009, 72400R:1-72400R:12, paper no. 74200R.
    [PDF: Download: TempGlareExperiment.pdf]
  2. Tobias Ritschel, Kaleigh Smith, Matthias Ihrke, Thorsten Grosch, Karol Myszkowski, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    3D Unsharp Masking for Scene Coherent Enhancement
    ACM Transactions on Graphics 27(3) (3): 1-8, 2008
    [PDF: Download: 3DUnsharpMasking.pdf]
  3. Kaleigh Smith, Pierre-Edouard Landes, Jöelle Thollot, and Karol Myszkowski
    Apparent Greyscale: A Simple and Fast Conversion to Perceptually Accurate Images and Video
    In: Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EUROGRAPHICS), Crete, Greece, 2008, 193-200
    [PDF: Download: Perceptual_Greyscale.pdf]
  4. Kaleigh Smith, Yunjun Liu, and Allison Klein
    In: Computer Animation 2005 : ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, Los Angeles, California, 2005, 201-208
    [PDF: Download: animosaics_final.pdf]
  5. Ketan Dalal, Allison Klein, Yunjun Liu, and Kaleigh Smith
    A Spectral Approach to NPR Packing
    In: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering 2006 (NPAR'06), Annecy, France, 2006, 71-78
  6. Kaleigh Smith, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Karol Myszkowski, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    Beyond Tone Mapping: Enhanced Depiction of Tone Mapped HDR Images
    In: The European Association for Computer Graphics 27th Annual Conference: EUROGRAPHICS 2006, Vienna, Austria, 2006, 427-438
    [PDF: Download: Smith2006eg.pdf]