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  1. Vlastimil Havran, Attila Neummann, Georg Zotti, Werner Purgathofer, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    On Cross-Validation and Resampling of BRDF Data Measurements
    In: SCCG '05: Proceedings of the 21st Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, Budmerice, Slovakia, 2005, 161-168
  2. Alex Brusi, Mateu Sbert, Philippe Bekaert, Robert Tobler, and Werner Purgathofer
    Optimal ray shooting in Monte Carlo radiosity
    Computers and Graphics 26 (2): 351-354, 2002
  3. Vlastimil Havran and Werner Purgathofer
    On Comparing Ray Shooting Algorithms
    Computers & Graphics 27 (4): 593-604, 2003