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  1. Myroslav Bachynskyi, Antti Oulasvirta, Gregorio Palmas, and Tino Weinkauf
    Biomechanical Simulation in the Analysis of Aimed Movements
    In: Extended Abstracts (Works in Progress) CHI'13, Paris, France, 2013, 1-6
  2. Antti Oulasvirta, Anna Reichel, Myroslav Bachynskyi, Wenbin Li, Yan Zhang, Per Ola Kristensson, and Keith Vertanen
    Improving Two-thumb Text Entry on Touchscreen Devices
    In: ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'13), Paris, France, 2013
  3. Antti Oulasvirta, Teemu Roos, Arttu Modig, and Laura Leppänen
    Information Capacity of Full-body Movements
    In: ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'13), Paris, France, 2013
  4. Srinath Sridhar, Antti Oulasvirta, and Christian Theobalt
    Interactive Markerless Articulated Hand Motion Tracking Using RGB and Depth Data
    In: IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Sydney, Australia, 2013
  5. Gilles Bailly, Antti Oulasvirta, Timo Koetzing, and Sabrina Hoppe
    Menuoptimizer: Interactive optimization of menu systems
    In: Proceedings of the 26th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology, St. Andrews, UK, 2013, 331-342
  6. Eve Hoggan, Miguel Nacenta, Per Ola Kristensson, John Williamson, Antti Oulasvirta, and Anu Lehtio
    Multi-touch pinch gestures: performance and ergonomics
    In: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international conference on Interactive tabletops and surfaces (ITS'13), St. Andrews, UK, 2013, 219-222
  7. Eve Hoggan, John Williamson, Antti Oulasvirta, Miguel Nacenta, Per Ola Kristensson, and Anu Lehtiö
    Multi-touch Rotations Gestures: Performance and Ergonomics
    In: ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI'13), Paris, France, 2013
  8. Anna Feit and Antti Oulasvirta
    PianoText: Transferring Musical Expertise to Text Entry
    In: CHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Pairs, France, 2013, 3043-3046

  9. Sami Vihavainen, Airi Lampinen, Antti Oulasvirta, Asko Lehmuskallio, and Suvi Silfverberg
    Privacy - The Irony of Automation in Social Media
    IEEE Pervasive Computing 12: 1-10, 2013
  10. Oliver Schoenleben and Antti Oulasvirta
    Sandwich keyboard: fast ten-finger typing on a mobile device with adaptive touch sensing on the back side
    In: Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services, Munich, Germany, 2013, 175-178
  11. Tuukka, Ruotsalo, Kumaripaba Athukorala, Dorota Glowacka, Ksenia Konyushkova, Antti Oulasvirta, Samuli Kaipainen, Samuel Kaski, and Giulio Jacucci
    Supporting exploratory search tasks with interactive user modeling
    In: Proc. ASIS&T’13, Long Beach, USA, 2013
  12. Ville Lehtinen, Antti Oulasvirta, Petteri Nurmi, and Antti Salovaara
    Dynamic Tactile Guidance for Visual Search Tasks
    In: 25th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST 2012), Boston, USA, 2012, 1-8
  13. Antti Oulasvirta, Antti Nurminen, and Tiia Suomalainen
    How Real is Real Enough? Optimal Reality Sampling for Fast Recognition of Mobile Imagery
    ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 9 (4): 100-118, 2012
  14. Ville Lehtinen, Antti Oulasvirta, and Antti Nurminen
    Integrating Spatial Sensing to an Interactive Mobile 3D Map
    In: IEEE 8th Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI'12), Orange County, USA, 2012, 11-14
  15. Antti Oulasvirta, Aurora Pihlajamaa, Jukka Perkiö, Taneli Vähäkangas, Ray Debarshi, Tero Hasu, Niklas Vainio, and Petri Myllymäki
    Long-term effects of ubiquitous surveillance in the home
    In: The 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp 2012), Pittsburgh, USA, 2012, 41-50
  16. Antti Oulasvirta
    Rethinking Experimental Designs for Field Evaluations
    IEEE Pervasive Computing 11 (4): 60-67, 2012