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  1. Oliver Mattausch, Jiri Bittner, Ari Silvennoinen, Daniel Scherzer, and Michael Wimmer
    Efficient Online Visibility for Shadow Maps
    In: GPU Pro 3: Advanced Rendering Techniques, 2012, 233-242
  2. Michael Schwärzler, Oliver Mattausch, Daniel Scherzer, and Michael Wimmer
    Fast Accurate Soft Shadows with Adaptive Light Source Sampling
    In: 17th International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization, Magdeburg, Germany, 2012, 039-046
  3. Daniel Scherzer, Lei Yang, Oliver Mattausch, Diego Nehab, Pedro V. Sander, Michael Wimmer, and Elmar Eisemann
    Temporal Coherence Methods in Real-Time Rendering
    Computer Graphics Forum 31 (8): 2378-2408, 2012
  4. Oliver Mattausch, Daniel Scherzer, Michael Wimmer, and Takeo Igarashi
    Tessellation-Independent Smooth Shadow Boundaries
    Computer Graphics Forum 31 (4): 1465-1470, 2012
  5. Daniel Scherzer, Florian Bagar, and Oliver Mattausch
    Volumetric Real-Time Water and Foam Rendering
    In: GPU Pro 3: Advanced Rendering Techniques, 2012, 119-132