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  1. Peter Vangorp, Rafał K. Mantiuk, Bartosz Bazyluk, Karol Myszkowski, Radosław Mantiuk, Simon J. Watt, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    Depth from HDR: Depth Induction or Increased Realism?
    In: ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (SAP 2014), Vancouver, Canada, 2014, 71-78
    [PDF: Download: main.pdf]
  2. Martin Čadík, Robert Herzog, Rafal Mantiuk, Radosław Mantiuk, Karol Myszkowski, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    Learning to Predict Localized Distortions in Rendered Images
    Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings Pacific Graphics 2013) 32 (7): 10 p., 2013
    [PDF: Download: cadik13learning.pdf]
  3. Radoslaw Mantiuk, Rafał Mantiuk, Anna Tomaszewska, and Wolfgang Heidrich
    Color Correction for Tone Mapping
    Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EUROGRAPHICS 2009) 28 (2): 193-202, 2009
  4. Rafał Mantiuk, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Radoslaw Mantiuk, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    High Dynamic Range Imaging Pipeline: Perception-Motivated Representation of Visual Content
    In: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XII, San Jose, CA, USA, 2007, 649212 p., paper no. 649212.
  5. Radoslaw Mantiuk, Dorota Zdrojewska, Anna Tomaszewska, Rafał Mantiuk, and Karol Myszkowski
    Selected Problems of High Dynamic Range Video Compression and GPU-based Contrast Domain Tone Mapping
    In: SCCG '08: Proceedings of the 24th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, Budmerice, Slovakia, 2008, 11-18
    [PDF: Download: sccg2008.pdf]