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  1. Michael Wand, Alexander Berner, Martin Bokeloh, Arno Fleck, Mark Hoffmann, Philipp Jenke, Benjamin Maier, Dirk Staneker, and Andreas Schilling
    Interactive Editing of Large Point Clouds
    In: Symposium on Point-Based Graphics 2007 : Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium Proceedings, Prague, Czech Republik, 2007, 37-46
  2. Michael Wand, Alexander Berner, Martin Bokeloh, Philipp Jenke, Arno Fleck, Mark Hoffmann, Benjamin Maier, Dirk Staneker, Andreas Schilling, and Hans-Peter Seidel
    Processing and Interactive Editing of Huge Point Clouds from 3D Scanners
    Computers and Graphics 32 (2): 204-220, 2008