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  1. G. Horváth, M. Blahó, Á. Egri, R. Hegedüs, and Gy Szél
    Circular Polarization Vision of Scarab Beetles
    In: Polarized Light and Polarization Vision in Animal Sciences, 2014
  2. N. Gracias, P. Ridao, R. Garcia, J. Escartin, M. L’Hour, F. Cibecchini, R. Campos, [Author #8 is missing a colon!] D. Ribas, N. Palomeras, L. Magi, [Author #12 is missing a colon!] T. Nicosevici, R. Prados, R. Hegedüs, L. Neumann, F. De Filippo, and A. Mallios
    (2013) Mapping the Moon: Using a lightweight AUV to survey the site of the 17th Century ship ‘La Lune’,
    In: OCEANS '13 MTS/IEEE Bergen "The Northern Dimension and Challenges", Bergen, Norway, 2013, 1-8
  3. L. Neumann, R. Garcia, J. Basa, and R. Hegedüs
    Acquisition and Visualization Techniques for Narrow Spectral Color Imaging
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A. 30 (6): 1039-1052, 2013