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Thesis - Master's thesis | @MastersThesis | Masterarbeit

Author(s)*:Ziegler, Gernot
BibTeX citekey*:ZieglerThesis2003

Title, School
Title*:MPEG Z/Alpha and high-resolution MPEG
School:Linkoeping University
Type of Thesis*:Master's thesis

Publishers Name:Linkoeping University Electronic Press
Publishers Address:Linkoeping, Sweden

Note, Abstract, Copyright
LaTeX Abstract:The progression of technical development has yielded practicable camera systems for the acquisition of so called depth maps, images with depth information. Images and movies with depth information open the door for new types of applications in the area of computer graphics and vision. That implies that they will need to be processed in all increasing volumes. Increased depth image processing puts forth the demand for a standardized data format for the exchange of image data with depth information, both still and animated. Software to convert acquired depth data to such videoformats is highly necessary. This diploma thesis sheds light on many of the issues that come with this new task group. It spans from data acquisition over readily available software for the data encoding to possible future applications. Further, a software architecture fulfilling all of the mentioned demands is presented. The encoder is comprised of a collection of UNIX programs that generate MPEG Z/Alpha, an MPEG2 based video format. MPEG Z/Alpha contains beside MPEG2's standard data streams one extra data stream to store image depth information (and transparency). The decoder suite, called TexMPEG, is a C library for the in-memory decompression of MPEG Z/Alpha. Much effort has been put into video decoder parallelization, and TexMPEG is now capable of decoding multiple video streams, not only in parallel internally, but also with inherent frame synchronization between parallely decoded MPEG videos.
Keywords:MPEG2, Z/Alpha, depth map, depth data stream, panorama, VR theatre, frame synchronous playback, OpenGL, video textures, libmpeg2, mpeg2enc, demultiplexer, relief textures, video decoder, parallelization
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Referees, Status, Dates
1. Referee:Stefan Gustavson
2. Referee:Frans van Hoesel
Supervisor:Stefan Gustavson
First Lecture Title:MPEG Z/Alpha and high-resolution MPEG
Location of Lecture:Norrkoeping, Sweden
Date Kolloquium:4 April 2003
Chair Kolloquium:Stefan Gustavson

MPG Unit:Linkoeping University
MPG Subunit:Computer Graphics Group
Audience:experts only
Appearance:MPII WWW Server

BibTeX Entry:

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TYPE = {Master's thesis}
ADDRESS = {Linkoeping, Sweden},
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