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Albrecht, Mario
Hanisch, Daniel
Zimmer, Ralf
Lengauer, Thomas
Attachment IconImproving fold recognition of protein threading by experimental distance constraints
In: In Silico Biology [2], 325-337
Antes, Iris
Thiel, Walter
Gunsteren van, Wilfred F.
Molecular dynamics simulations of photoactive yellow protein (PYP) in three states of its photocycle: a comparison with X-ray and NMR data and analysis of the effects of Glu46 deprotonation and mutation
In: European Biophysics Jounal [31], 504-520
Beerenwinkel, Niko
Schmidt, Barbara
Walter, Hauke
Kaiser, Rolf
Lengauer, Thomas
Hoffmann, Daniel
Korn, Klaus
Selbig, Joachim
Diversity and complexity of HIV-1drug resistance: A bioinformatics approach to predicting phenotype from genotype
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [99], 8271-8276
Freudenberg, Jan
Zimmer, Ralf
Hanisch, Daniel
Lengauer, Thomas
A hypergraph-based method for unification of existing protein structure- and sequence-families
In: In Silico Biology [2], 339 - 349
Hanisch, Daniel
Zimmer, Ralf
Lengauer, Thomas
ProML - the Protein Markup Language for specification of protein sequences, structures and families
In: In Silico Biology [2], 313 - 324
Hindle, Sally A.
Rarey, Matthias
Buning, Christian
Lengauer, Thomas
Flexible docking under pharmacophore type constraints
In: Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design [16], 129-149
Lengauer, ThomasAusbildung im Bereich Bioinformatik
In: Ernst & Young Report Biotechnologie, Segmentreport Bioinformatik [1], 57-58
Lengauer, ThomasPreface: Special RECOMB 2001 Issue
In: Journal of Computational Biology [9], 147-148
Nishida, Yoshiharu
Hirano, Kenichi
Tsukamoto, Kosuke
Nagano, Makoto
Ikegami, Chiaki
Roomp, Kirsten
Ishihara, Mitsuaki
Sakane, Naoki
Zhang, Zhongyan
Tsujii, Ken-ichi
Matsuyama, Akifumi
Ohama, Tohru
Matsuura, Fumihiko
Ishigami, Masato
Sakai, Naohiko
Hiraoka, Hisatoyo
Hattori, Hiroaki
Wellington, Cheryl L.
Yoshida, Yoshihide
Misugi, Susumu
Hayden, Michael R.
Egashira, Toru
Yamashita, Shizuya
Matsuzawa, Yuji
Expression and Functional Analyses of Novel Mutations ot ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter-1 in Japanese Patients with High-Density Lipoprotein Deficiency
In: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications [290], 713-721
Rahnenführer, JörgMultivariate permutation tests for the k-sample problem with clustered data
In: Computational Statistics [17], 165-184
Rahnenführer, Jörg
Bozinov, Daniel
Unsupervised technique for robust target separation and analysis of DNA microarray spots through adaptive pixel clustering
In: Bioinformatics [18], 747-756
Sommer, Ingolf
Zien, Alexander
Öhsen von, Niklas
Zimmer, Ralf
Lengauer, Thomas
Confidence measures for protein fold recognition
In: Bioinformatics [18], 802-812
Wellington, Cheryl L.
Yang, Yu-Zhou
Zhou, Stephen
Clee, Susanne M.
Tan, Bing
Hirano, Kenichi
Zwarts, K.Y.
Kwok, Anita
Gelfer, Allison
Marcil, Michel
Newman, Scott
Roomp, Kirsten
Singaraja, Roshni
Collins, Jennifer A.
Zhang, Lin-Hua
Groen, Albert K.
Hovingh, Kees
Brownlie, Alison
Tafuri, Sherrie
Genest, Jacques Jr
Kastelein, J.J.P.
Hayden, Michael R.
Truncation mutations in ABCA1 suppress normal upregulation of full-length ABCA1 by 9-cis-retinoic acid and 22-R-hydroxycholesterol
In: Journal of Lipid Research [43], 1939-1949
Zwarts, K.Y.
Clee, Susanne M.
Zwinderman, A.H.
Engert, J.C.
Singaraja, Roshni
Loubser, O
James, E
Roomp, Kirsten
Hudson, T.J.
Jukema, J.W.
Kastelein, J.J.P.
Hayden, Michael R.
ABCA1 regulatory variants influence coronary artery disease independent of effects on plasma lipid levels
In: Clinical Genetics [61], 115-125
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