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  1. James D. Watson, Janet M. Thornton, Michael L. Tress, Gonzalo Lopez, Alfonso Valencia, Oliver Redfern, Christine A. Orengo, Ingolf Sommer, and Francisco S. Domingues
    Structure to function
    In: Modern Genome Annotation, 2008, 239-262
  2. Dmitrij Frishman, Mario Albrecht, Hagen Blankenburg, Peer Bork, Eoghan D. Harrington, Henning Hermjakob, Lars J. Jensen, David A. Juan, Thomas Lengauer, Philipp Pagel, Vincent Schachter, and Alfonso Valencia
    Protein-protein interactions: analysis and prediction
    In: Modern Genome Annotation - The Biosapiens Network, 2009, 353-410
  3. Ben Adams, Alice McHardy, C. Lundegaard, and Thomas Lengauer
    Viral Bioinformatics
    In: Modern Genome Annotation - The BioSapiens Network, 2009, 429-452