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  1. Christoph Welsch, Sabine Schweizer, Testsuro Shimakami, Francisco S. Domingues, Seungtaek Kim, Stanley, M. Lemon, and Iris Antes
    Ketoamide Resistance and Hepatitis C Virus Fitness in Val55 Variants of the NS3 Serine Protease
    Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 56 (4): 1907-1915, 2012
  2. Christoph Welsch, Tetsuro Shimakami, Christoph Hartmann, Yan Yang, Francisco S. Domingues, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Stanley M. Lemon
    Peptidomimetic Escape Mechanisms Arise via Genetic Diversity in the Ligand-Binding Site of the Hepatitis C Virus NS3/4A Serine Protease
    Gastroenterology 142 (3): 654-663, 2012
  3. M.-W. Welker, Christoph Welsch, D. Ochs, W. P. Hofmann, E. Herrmann, A. Piiper, R. W. Hartmann, S. Zeuzem, C. Sarrazin, and Bernd Kronenberger
    Comparison of Envelope 2 CD81 binding regions in PBMC-derived versus serum-derived hepatitis C virus isolates: higher conservation of CD81 region 2 in PBMC isolates
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 18 (3): 181-192, 2011
  4. Wolf Peter Hofmann, Tje Lin Chung, Carola Osbahr, Simone Susser, Ursel Karey, Ulrike Mihm, Christoph Welsch, Jörn Lötsch, Christoph Sarrazin, Stefan Zeuzem, and Eva Herrmann
    Impact of ribavirin on HCV replicon RNA decline during treatment with interferon-α and the protease inhibitors boceprevir or telaprevir
    Antiviral Therapy 16 (5): 695-704, 2011
  5. Tetsuro Shimakami, Christoph Welsch, Daisuke Yamane, David R. McGivern, MinKyung Yi, Stefan Zeuzem, and Stanley M. Lemon
    Protease Inhibitor-Resistant Hepatitis C Virus Mutants With Reduced Fitness From Impaired Production of Infectious Virus
    Gastroenterology 140 (2): 667-675, 2011
  6. Martin-Walter Welker, Christoph Welsch, Aline Meyer, Iris Antes, Mario Albrecht, Nicole Forestier, Bernd Kronenberger, Thomas Lengauer, Albrecht Piiper, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Dimerization of the hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 4B depends on the integrity of an aminoterminal basic leucine zipper
    Protein Science 19 (7): 1327-1336, 2010
  7. Ulrike Mihm, W.P. Hofmann, Christoph Welsch, A. Polta, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, Christoph Sarrazin, and E. Herrmann
    Effect of ribavirin on the frequency of RNAse L cleavage sites within the hepatitis C viral genome
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 17 (3): 217-221, 2010
  8. Simone Susser, Christoph Welsch, Yalan Wang, Markus Zettler, Francisco S. Domingues, Ursula Karey, Eric Hughes, Robert Ralston, Xiao Tong, Eva Herrmann, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Characterization of resistance to the protease inhibitor boceprevir in hepatitis C virus-infected patients.
    Hepatology 50 (6): 1709-1718, 2009
  9. Ulrike Mihm, Oliver Ackermann, Christoph Welsch, Eva Herrmann, Wolf Peter Hofmann, Natalia Grigorian, Martin Walter Welker, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Clinical relevance of the 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase/RNase L system for treatment response in chronic hepatitis C
    Journal of Hepatology 50 (1): 49-58, 2009
  10. Christoph Welsch, Francisco S. Domingues, Simone Susser, Iris Antes, Christoph Hartmann, Gabriele Mayr, Andreas Schlicker, Christoph Sarrazin, Mario Albrecht, Stefan Zeuzem, and Thomas Lengauer
    Molecular basis of telaprevir resistance due to V36 and T54 mutations in the NS3-4A protease of HCV
    Genome Biology 9 (1): R16 p., 2008
    [PDF: Download: Welsch2008.pdf]
  11. Martin W. Welker, Wolf-Peter Hofmann, Christoph Welsch, Michael von Wagner, Eva Herrmann, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Correlation nonstructural (NS)4B amino acid variations with initial viral kinetics during interferon-alpha-based therapy in HCV-1b-infected patients
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 14 (5): 338-349, 2007
  12. Wolf Peter Hofmann, Christoph Welsch, Yoshitomo Takahashi, Hiroaki Miyajima, Ulrike Mihm, Christoph Krick, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Identification and in silico characterization of a novel compound heterozygosty associated with hereditary aceruloplasminemia
    Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 42 (9): 1088-1094, 2007
  13. Wolf Peter Hofmann, B. Fernandez, E. Herrmann, Christoph Welsch, Ulrike Mihm, B. Kronenberg, G. Feldmann, U. Spengler, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Somatic hypermutation and mRNA expression levels of the BCL-6 gene in patients with hepatitis C virus-associated lymphoproliferative diseases
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 14 (7): 484-491, 2007
  14. Christoph Welsch, Mario Albrecht, Jochen Maydt, E. Herrmann, M.W. Welker, C. Sarrazin, A. Scheidig, Thomas Lengauer, and S. Zeuzem
    Structural and functional comparison of the non-structural protein 4B of flaviviridae
    Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling 26 (2): 546-557, 2007
  15. Ulrike Mihm, Natalia Grigorian, Christoph Welsch, Eva Herrmann, Bernd Kronenberger, Gerlinde Teuber, Michael von Wagner, Wolf-Peter Hofmann, Mario Albrecht, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Christoph Sarrazin
    Amino acid variations in hepatitis C virus p7 and sensitivity to antiviral combination therapy with amantadine in chronic hepatitis C
    Antiviral Therapy 11 (4): 507-519, 2006
  16. Guido Plotz, Christoph Welsch, Luis Giron-Monzon, Peter Friedhoff, Mario Albrecht, Albrecht Piiper, Ricardo M. Biondi, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Jochen Raedle
    Mutations in the MutSalpha interaction interface of MLH1 can abolish DNA mismatch repair
    Nucleic Acids Research 34 (22): 6574-6586, 2006
    [PDF: Download: Plotz.pdf]
  17. W.P. Hofmann, E. Herrmann, B. Kronenberger, Christian Merkwirth, Christoph Welsch, Thomas Lengauer, S. Zeuzem, and C. Sarrazin
    Association of HCV-related mixed cryoglobulinemia with specific mutational patterns of the HCV E2 protein and CD81 expression on peripheral B lymphocytes
    Blood 104 (4): 1228-1229, 2004
  18. Christoph Sarrazin, Ulrike Mihm, Eva Herrmann, Christoph Welsch, Mario Albrecht, Ulrike Sarrazin, Stella Traver, Thomas Lengauer, and Stefan Zeuzem
    Clinical significance of in vitro replication-enhancing mutations of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) replicon in patients with chronic HCV infection
    The Journal of Infectious Diseases 192 (10): 1710-1719, 2005
  19. Thomas Lengauer, Mario Albrecht, C. Sarrazin, U. Mihm, E. Herrmann, Christoph Welsch, U. Sarrazin, S. Traver, and S. Zeuzem
    Clinical significance of in vitro replication-enhancing mutations of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) replicon in patients with chronic HCV infection.
    Journal of Infectious Diseases 192 (10): 1710-1719, 2005
  20. Jörg Bojunga, Christoph Welsch, Iris Antes, Mario Albrecht, Thomas Lengauer, and Stefan Zeuzem
    Structural and functional analysis of a novel mutation of CYP21B in a heterozygote carrier of 21-hydroxylase deficiency
    Human Genetics 117 (6): 558-564, 2005