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  1. Dorothea Emig, Oliver Sander, Gabriele Mayr, and Mario Albrecht
    Structure collisions between interacting proteins
    PLoS ONE 6 (6): e19581,1-e19581,7, 2011
  2. André Altmann, Laura Tolosi, Oliver Sander, and Thomas Lengauer
    Permutation importance: an unbiased feature importance measure
    Bioinformatics 26 (10): 1340-1347, 2010
  3. Oliver Sander, Andre Altmann, and Thomas Lengauer
    Computational analysis of covariation and interactions between HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and Integrase
    In: Reviews in Antiviral Therapy, Budapest, Hungary, 2008, 113-114
  4. Saleta Sierra, Rolf Kaiser, Alexander Thielen, Oliver Sander, and Thomas Lengauer
    Genotypic Analysis of HIV Co-Receptor Usage
    In: Entry Inhibitoren - Neue Formen der HIV-Therapie, 2008, 31-39
  5. Nils Weinhold, Oliver Sander, Francisco S. Domingues, Thomas Lengauer, and Ingolf Sommer
    Local function conservation in sequence and structure space
    PLoS Computational Biology 4: e1000105 p., 2008
    [PDF: Download: Weinhold2008.pdf]
  6. Oliver Sander, Francisco S. Domingues, Hongbo Zhu, Thomas Lengauer, and Ingolf Sommer
    Structural descriptors of protein-protein binding sites
    In: Proceedings of 6th Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 2008, 79-88
  7. Oliver Sander
    Structural Descriptors for the Analysis of Protein Structure, Function, and Evolution
    Doctoral dissertation, Universität des Saarlandes, 2008
  8. Thomas Lengauer, Oliver Sander, Saleta Sierra, Alexander Thielen, and Rolf Kaiser
    Bioinformatics prediction of HIV coreceptor usage
    Nature Biotechnology 25 (12): 1407-1410, 2007
  9. Ingolf Sommer, Oliver Müller, Francisco S. Domingues, Oliver Sander, Joachim Weickert, and Thomas Lengauer
    Moment invariants as shape recognition technique for comparing protein binding sites
    Bioinformatics 23 (23): 3139-3146, 2007
  10. Tobias Sing, Andrew J. Low, Niko Beerenwinkel, Oliver Sander, Peter K. Cheung, Francisco S. Domingues, Joachim Büch, Martin Däumer, Rolf Kaiser, Thomas Lengauer, and P. Richard Harrigan
    Predicting HIV coreceptor usage on the basis of genetic and clinical covariates
    Antiviral Therapy 12 (7): 1097-1106, 2007
  11. Oliver Sander, Tobias Sing, Ingolf Sommer, Andrew J. Low, Peter K. Cheung, P. Richard Harrigan, Thomas Lengauer, and Francisco S. Domingues
    Structural Descriptors of gp120 V3 Loop for the Prediction of HIV-1 Coreceptor Usage
    PLoS Computational Biology 3 (3): 555-564, 2007
    [PDF: Download: Sander.pdf]
  12. Oliver Sander
    Local sequence-structure relationships in proteins
    Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2004
  13. Ingolf Sommer, Stefano Toppo, Oliver Sander, Thomas Lengauer, and Silvio C. E. Tosatto
    Improving the quality of protein structure models by selecting from alignment alternatives
    BMC Bioinformatics 7: 1-11, 2006
  14. Oliver Sander, Ingolf Sommer, and Thomas Lengauer
    Local protein structure prediction using discriminative models
    BMC Bioinformatics 7 (14): 1-13, 2006
  15. Tobias Sing, Oliver Sander, Niko Beerenwinkel, and Thomas Lengauer
    ROCR: Visualizing classifier performance in R
    Bioinformatics 21 (20): 3940-3941, 2006