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  1. Richard Röttger, Prabhav Kalaghatgi, Peng Sun, Siomar de Castro Soares, Vasco Azevedo, Tobias Wittkop, and Jan Baumbach
    Density Parameter Estimation for Finding Clusters of Homologous Proteins - Tracing Actinobacterial Pathogenicity Life Styles
    Bioinformatics 29 (2): 215-222, 2013
  2. Josch Pauling, Richard Röttger, Andreas Tauch, Vasco Azevedo, and Jan Baumbach
    CoryneRegNet 6.0 - Updated database content, new analysis methods and novel features focusing on community demands
    Nucleic Acids Research 40 (Database issue): D610-D614, 2012
  3. Richard Röttger, Ulrich Rueckert, Jan Taubert, and Jan Baumbach
    How Little Do We Actually Know? - On the Size of Gene Regulatory Networks.
    IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics 9 (5): 1293-1300, 2012
  4. Josch Pauling, Richard Röttger, Andreas Neuner, Heladia Salgado, Julio Collado-Vides, Prabhav Kalaghatgi, Vasco Azevedo, Andreas Tauch, Alfred Pühler, and Jan Baumbach
    On the trail of EHEC/EAEC - unraveling the gene regulatory networks of human pathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria
    Integrative Biology 4: 728-733, 2012
  5. Richard Röttger, Christoph Kreutzer, Thuy Duong Vu, Tobias Wittkop, and Jan Baumbach
    Online Transitivity Clustering of Biological Data with Missing Values
    In: German Conference on Bioinformatics 2012 (GCB 2012), Jena, Germany, 2012, 57-68