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  1. Christoph Welsch, Tetsuro Shimakami, Christoph Hartmann, Yan Yang, Francisco S. Domingues, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Zeuzem, and Stanley M. Lemon
    Peptidomimetic Escape Mechanisms Arise via Genetic Diversity in the Ligand-Binding Site of the Hepatitis C Virus NS3/4A Serine Protease
    Gastroenterology 142 (3): 654-663, 2012
  2. M.-W. Welker, Christoph Welsch, D. Ochs, W. P. Hofmann, E. Herrmann, A. Piiper, R. W. Hartmann, S. Zeuzem, C. Sarrazin, and Bernd Kronenberger
    Comparison of Envelope 2 CD81 binding regions in PBMC-derived versus serum-derived hepatitis C virus isolates: higher conservation of CD81 region 2 in PBMC isolates
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 18 (3): 181-192, 2011
  3. Christoph Hartmann, Iris Antes, and Thomas Lengauer
    Docking and scoring with alternative side-chain conformations
    Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 74 (3): 712-726, 2009
  4. Christoph Hartmann, Iris Antes, and Thomas Lengauer
    IRECS: A new algorithm for the selection of most probable ensembles of side-chain conformations in protein models.
    Protein Science 16: 1294-1307, 2007

  5. Christoph Hartmann
    Modeling of Flexible Side Chains for Protein-Ligand Docking
    Doctoral dissertation, Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes, 2008
  6. Christoph Welsch, Francisco S. Domingues, Simone Susser, Iris Antes, Christoph Hartmann, Gabriele Mayr, Andreas Schlicker, Christoph Sarrazin, Mario Albrecht, Stefan Zeuzem, and Thomas Lengauer
    Molecular basis of telaprevir resistance due to V36 and T54 mutations in the NS3-4A protease of HCV
    Genome Biology 9 (1): R16 p., 2008
    [PDF: Download: Welsch2008.pdf]