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  1. Jan Freudenberg, Ralf Zimmer, Daniel Hanisch, and Thomas Lengauer
    A hypergraph-based method for unification of existing protein structure- and sequence-families
    In Silico Biology 2 (3): 339 - 349, 2002
  2. Daniel Hoffmann, Volker Schnaible, Stephan, Wefing, Mario Albrecht, Daniel Hanisch, and Ralf Zimmer
    A new method for the fast solution of protein-3D-structures, combining experiments and bioinformatics
    In: Coupling of Biological and Electronic Systems: Proceedings of the 2nd Caesarium, Bonn, 1-3 November 2000, Bonn, Germany, 2002, 59-78
  3. Daniel Hanisch, Alexander Zien, Ralf Zimmer, and Thomas Lengauer
    Co-clustering of biological networks and gene expression data
    In: Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2002), Alberta, Canada, 2002, 145-154
  4. Mario Albrecht, Daniel Hanisch, Ralf Zimmer, and Thomas Lengauer
    Improving fold recognition of protein threading by experimental distance constraints
    In Silico Biology 2 (3): 325-337, 2002
    [PDF: Download: mario albrecht.pdf]
  5. Daniel Hanisch, Ralf Zimmer, and Thomas Lengauer
    ProML - the Protein Markup Language for specification of protein sequences, structures and families
    In Silico Biology 2 (3): 313 - 324, 2002