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  1. Saleta Sierra, Jan Nikolaj Dzbowski, Alejandro Pironti, L Gueney, Alexander Thielen, Stefan Reuter, Stefan Esser, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Thomas Lengauer, Dominik Hider, Daniel Hoffmann, Holger Pfister, Björn Jensen, and Rolf Kaiser
    Optimisation of baseline genotypic testing for safe and efficient maraviroc administration
    In: Journal of the International AIDS Society, Glasgow, UK, 2012, 101-102
  2. Stefan Reuter, Mark Oette, Rolf Kaiser, Thomas Lengauer, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Jürgen Rockstroh, Heribert Knechten, and Dieter Häussinger
    Risk factors associated with older age in treatment-naive HIV-positive patients
    Intervirology 55 (2): 147-153, 2012
  3. Eugen Schülter, Mark Oette, Melanie Balduin, Stefan Reuter, Jürgen Rockstroh, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Stefan Esser, Thomas Lengauer, Ali Agacfidan, Herbert Pfister, Rolf Kaiser, and Baki Akgul
    HIV prevalence and route of transmission in Turkish immigrants living in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany
    Medical Microbiology and Immunology 200 (4): 219-223, 2011
  4. Saleta Sierra, Rolf Kaiser, Nadine Lübke, Alexander Thielen, Eugen Schuelter, Eva Heger, Martin Däumer, Stefan Reuter, Stefan Esser, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Herbert Pfister, Mark Oette, and Thomas Lengauer
    Prediction of HIV-1 coreceptor usage (tropism) by sequence analysis using a genotypic approach
    Journal of Visualized Experiments 58: e3264,1-e3264,9, 2011
  5. Nadine Sichtig, Saleta Sierra, Rolf Kaiser, Martin Däumer, Stefan Reuter, Eugen Schülter, André Altmann, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Ulf Dittmer, Herbert Pfister, and Stefan Esser
    Evolution of raltegravir resistance during therapy
    Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy 64 (1): 25-32, 2009
  6. Jens Verheyen, Andre Altmann, Elena Knops, Eugen Schülter, Nadine Sichtig, Stefan Reuter, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Herbert Pfister, and Rolf Kaiser
    Relevance of HIV gag cleavage site mutations in failures of protease inhibitor therapies
    In: Antiviral Therapy, Sitges, Spain, 2008, A53 p.
  7. Jens Verheyen, Elena Litau, Tobias Sing, Martin Däumer, Melanie Balduin, Mark Oette, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Jürgen K. Rockstroh, Ulrike Schuldenzucker, Daniel Hoffmann, Herbert Pfister, and Rolf Kaiser
    Compensatory mutations at the HIV cleavage sites p7/p1 and p1/p6-gag in therapy-naive and therapy-experienced patients
    Antiviral Therapy 11 (7): 879-887, 2006
  8. Clara Lehmann, Martin Däumer, Ibrahim Bousaad, Tobias Sing, Niko Beerenwinkel, Thomas Lengauer, Norbert Schmeisser, Christoph Wyen, Gerd Fätkenheuer, and Rolf Kaiser
    Stable coreceptor usage of HIV in patients with ongoing treatment failure on HAART
    Journal of Clinical Virology 37 (4): 300-304, 2006
  9. Niko Beerenwinkel, Thomas Lengauer, Martin Däumer, S. Sierra, Barbara Schmidt, Hauke Walter, Klaus Korn, Mark Oette, Gerd Fätkenheuer, J. Rockstroh, Daniel Hoffmann, Rolf Kaiser, and Joachim Selbig
    Geno2pheno is predictive of short-term virological response
    In: Proceedings from the 5th International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance & Treatment Strategies, Scotsdale, Arizona, 2002, 74-74, paper no. 89.
  10. Tobias Sing, Valentina Svicher, Niko Beerenwinkel, Francesca Ceccherini-Silberstein, Martin Däumer, Rolf Kaiser, Hauke Walter, Klaus Korn, Daniel Hoffmann, Mark Oette, Jürgen K. Rockstroh, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Carlo-Federico Perno, and Thomas Lengauer
    Characterization of novel HIV Drug Resistance Mutations using clustering, multidimensional scaling and SVM-based feature ranking
    In: Knowledge Discovery in Databases: PKDD 2005., Porto, Portugal, 2005, 285-296
  11. Niko Beerenwinkel, Tobias Sing, Thomas Lengauer, Jörg Rahnenführer, Kirsten Roomp, Igor Savenkov, Roman Fischer, Daniel Hoffmann, Joachim Selbig, Klaus Korn, Hauke Walter, Thomas Berg, Patrick Braun, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Mark Oette, Jürgen Rockstroh, Bernd Kupfer, Rolf Kaiser, and Martin Däumer
    Computational methods for the design of effective therapies against drug resistant HIV strains
    Bioinformatics 21 (21): 3943-3950, 2005
  12. Melanie Balduin, Niko Beerenwinkel, Saleta Sierra, Martin Däumer, Jürgen Rockstroh, Mark Oette, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Bernd Kupfer, Daniel Hoffmann, Joachim Selbig, Herbert Pfister, and Rolf Kaiser
    Evolution of HIV resistance during treatment interruption in experienced patients and after restarting a new therapy
    J Clin Virol 34 (4): 277-287, 2005
  13. Rolf Kaiser, Ibo Boussaad, C. Lehmann, Martin Däumer, Tobias Sing, N. Schmeisser, C. Wyen, and Gerd Fätkenheuer
    Stable coreceptor usage of HIV-1 in patients with ongoing treatment failure on HAART
    In: Proceedings of the 3rd European HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Athens, Greece, 2005