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  1. Sarah Diehl
    Analysis and reconstruction of protein complex topology
    Master's thesis, Universität des Saarlandes, 2009
  2. Simon Reiss, Ilka Rebhan, Perdita Backes, Ines Romero-Brey, Holger Erfle, Petr Matula, Lars Kaderali, Marion Poenisch, Hagen Blankenburg, Marie-Sophie Hiet, Thomas Longerich, Sarah Diehl, Fidel Ramírez, Tamas Balla, Karl Rohr, Artur Kaul, Sandra Bühler, Rainer Pepperkok, Thomas Lengauer, Mario Albrecht, Roland Eils, Peter Schirmacher, Volker Lohmann, and Ralf Bartenschlager
    Recruitment and activation of a lipid kinase by hepatitis C virus NS5A is essential for integrity of the membranous replication compartment
    Cell Host & Microbe 9 (1): 32-45, 2011