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  1. G. Ahlenstiel, Kirsten Roomp, Martin Däumer, T. Nattermann, M. Vogel, J.K. Rockstroh, Niko Beerenwinkel, R. Kaiser, H.-D. Nischalke, T. Sauerbruch, Thomas Lengauer, and U. Spengler
    Selective pressures of HLA genotypes and antiviral therapy on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 sequence mutation at a population level
    Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 14 (10): 1266-1273, 2007

  2. J. Dietz, Sven-Eric Schelhorn, D. Fitting, U. Mihm, S. Susser, M.-W. Welker, C. Füller, M. Däumer, G. Teuber, H. Wedemeyer, T. Berg, Thomas Lengauer, Stefan Z., E. Herrmann, and C. Sarrazin
    Deep sequencing reveals mutagenic effects of ribavirin during monotherapy of HCV genotype 1-infected patients
    Journal of Virology 87 (11): 6172-6181, 2013
  3. Bastian Beggel, C. Münk, M. Däumer, K. Hauck, D. Häussinger, Thomas Lengauer, and A. Ehrhardt
    Full genome ultra-deep pyrosequencing associates G-to-A-hypermutation of the hepatitis B virus genome with the natural progression of hepatitis B
    Journal of Viral Hepatitis 12: 882-889, 2013