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  1. Richard Röttger, Prabhav Kalaghatgi, Peng Sun, Siomar de Castro Soares, Vasco Azevedo, Tobias Wittkop, and Jan Baumbach
    Density Parameter Estimation for Finding Clusters of Homologous Proteins - Tracing Actinobacterial Pathogenicity Life Styles
    Bioinformatics 29 (2): 215-222, 2013
  2. Josch Pauling, Richard Röttger, Andreas Tauch, Vasco Azevedo, and Jan Baumbach
    CoryneRegNet 6.0 - Updated database content, new analysis methods and novel features focusing on community demands
    Nucleic Acids Research 40 (Database issue): D610-D614, 2012
  3. Josch Pauling, Richard Röttger, Andreas Neuner, Heladia Salgado, Julio Collado-Vides, Prabhav Kalaghatgi, Vasco Azevedo, Andreas Tauch, Alfred Pühler, and Jan Baumbach
    On the trail of EHEC/EAEC - unraveling the gene regulatory networks of human pathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria
    Integrative Biology 4: 728-733, 2012
  4. Siomar C. Soares, Vinícius A. C. Abreu, Rommel T. J. Ramos, Louise Cerdeira, Artur Silva, Jan Baumbach, Eva Trost, Andreas Tauch, Raphael Hirata, Ana L. Mattos-Guaraldi, Anderson Miyoshi, and Vasco Azevedo
    PIPS: Pathogenicity Island Prediction Software
    PLoS One 7 (2): e30848,1-e30848,10, 2012
  5. Anderson R Santos, Marcos A Santos, Jan Baumbach, John A McCulloch, Guilherme C Oliveira, Artur Silva, Anderson Miyoshi, and Vasco Azevedo
    A singular value decomposition approach for improved taxonomy classification of biological sequences
    BMC Genomics 12 (Suppl. 4): S11,1-S11,15, 2011
  6. Rommel T.J. Ramos, Adriana R. Carneiro, Jan Baumbach, Vasco Azevedo, Maria P.C. Schneider, and Artur Silva
    Analysis of quality raw data of second generation sequencers with Quality Assessment Software
    BMC Research Notes 4 (1): 130,1-130,6, 2011
  7. Louise Teixeira Cerdeira, Aadriana Ribeiro Carneir, Rommel Thiago Juca Ramos, Sintia Silva de Almeida, Vivian D'Afonseca, Maria Paula Cruz Schneider, Jan Baumbach, Andreas Tauch, John Anthony McCulloch, Vasco Ariston Carvalho Azevedo, and Aartur Silva
    Rapid hybrid de novo assembly of a microbial genome using only short reads: Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis I19 as a case study
    Journal of Microbiological Methods 86 (2): 218-223, 2011