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A. Alexa, J. Rahnenführer and T. LengauerImproved Scoring of Functional Groups from Gene Expression Data by Decorrelating GO Graph Structure
In: Bioinformatics [22], 1600-1607
Journal Article2006
N. Beerenwinkel, M. Däumer, M. Oette, K. Korn, D. Hoffmann, R. Kaiser, T. Lengauer, J. Selbig and H. WalterGeno2pheno: estimating phenotypic drug resistance from HIV-1 genotypes
In: Nucleic Acids Research [31], 3850-3855
Journal Article2003
N. Beerenwinkel, T. Sing, T. Lengauer, J. Rahnenführer, K. Roomp, I. Savenkov, R. Fischer, D. Hoffmann, J. Selbig, K. Korn, H. Walter, T. Berg, P. Braun, G. Fätkenheuer, M. Oette, J. Rockstroh, B. Kupfer, R. Kaiser and M. DäumerComputational methods for the design of effective therapies against drug resistant HIV strains
In: Bioinformatics [21], 3943-3950
Journal Article2005
F.S. Domingues, J. Rahnenführer and T. LengauerAutomated clustering of ensembles of alternative models in protein structure databases
In: Protein Engineering Design and Selection [17], 537-543
Journal Article2004
J. Rahnenführer, N. Beerenwinkel, W. Schulz, C. Hartmann, A. von Deimling, B. Wullich and T. LengauerEstimating cancer survival and clinical outcome based on genetic tumor progression scores
In: Bioinformatics [21], 2438-2446
Journal Article2005
I. Sommer, J. Rahnenführer, F. Domingues, U. de Lichtenberg and T. LengauerPredicting Protein Structure Classes from Function Predictions
In: Bioinformatics [20], 770-776
Journal Article2004

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