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MPI-INF D3 Publications

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[1]M. Albrecht, F. Domingues, S. Schreiber and T. Lengauer2003Identification of mammalian orthologs associates PYPAF5 with distinct functional roles
In: FEBS Letters [538], 173-177
[2]M. Albrecht, F. Domingues, S. Schreiber and T. Lengauer2003Structural localization of disease-associated sequence variations in the NACHT and LRR domains of PYPAF1 and NOD2
In: FEBS Letters [554], 520-528
[3]M. Albrecht, M. Golatta, U. Wüllner and T. Lengauer2004Structural and functional analysis of ataxin-2 and ataxin-3
In: European Journal of Biochemistry [271], 3155-3170
[4]M. Albrecht, D. Hoffmann, B. Evert, I. Schmitt, U. Wüllner and T. Lengauer2003Structural modeling of ataxin-3 reveals distant homology to adaptins
In: Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics [50], 355-370
[5]M. Albrecht and T. Lengauer2004Novel Sm-like proteins with long C-terminal tails and associated methyltransferases
In: FEBS Letters [569], 18-26
[6]M. Albrecht, S. Tosatto, T. Lengauer and G. Valle2003Simple consensus procedures are effective and sufficient in secondary structure prediction
In: Protein Engineering [16], 459-462
[7]N. Beerenwinkel2004Das Arevir-Projekt : neue Wege zur Optimierung von Anti-HIV-Therapien
In: Resistenz in der HIV-Therapie : Diagnostik und Management, 94-98
[8]N. Beerenwinkel2004Methoden zur Interpretation genotypischer Resistenztests
In: Resistenz in der HIV-Therapie : Diagnostik und Management, 66-68
[9]N. Beerenwinkel, M. Däumer, M. Oette, K. Korn, D. Hoffmann, R. Kaiser, T. Lengauer, J. Selbig and H. Walter2003Geno2pheno: estimating phenotypic drug resistance from HIV-1 genotypes
In: Nucleic Acids Research [31], 3850-3855
[10]N. Beerenwinkel, T. Lengauer, M. Däumer, R. Kaiser, H. Walter, K. Korn, D. Hoffmann and J. Selbig2003Methods for optimizing antiviral combination therapies
In: Bioinformatics [19], i16-i25
[11]N. Beerenwinkel, J. Rahnenführer, M. Däumer, D. Hoffmann, R. Kaiser, J. Selbig and T. Lengauer2004Learning multiple evolutionary pathways from cross-sectional data
In: RECOMB 2004 : proceedings of the Eighth Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology, 36-44
[12]T. Crass, I. Antes, R. Basekow, P. Bork, C. Buning, M. Christensen, H. Claußen, C. Ebeling, P. Ernst, V. Gailus-Durner, K. Glatting, R. Gohla, F. Gößling, K. Grote, K. Heidtke, A. Herrmann, S. O Keefe, O. Kießlich, S. Kolibal, J. Korbel, T. Lengauer, I. Liebich, M. van der Linden, H. Luz, K. Meissner, C. von Mering, T. Mevissen, H. Mewes, H. Michael, M. Mokrejs, T. Müller, H. Pospisil, M. Rarey, J. Reich, R. Schneider, D. Schomburg, S. Schulze-Kremer, K. Schwarzer, I. Sommer, S. Springstubbe, S. Suhai, G. Thoppae, M. Vingron, J. Warfsmann, T. Werner, D. Wetzler, E. Wingender and R. Zimmer2004The Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics: an integrative web portal for bioinformatics resources
In: Bioinformatics [20], 268-270
[13]F.S. Domingues and T. Lengauer2003Protein Function from Sequence and Structure Data
In: Applied Bioinformatics [2], 3-12
[14]F.S. Domingues, T. Lengauer and I. Sommer2004Protein Structure Prediction and Databases
In: Nature Encyclopedia of the Human Genome, 864-867
[15]F.S. Domingues, J. Rahnenführer and T. Lengauer2004Automated clustering of ensembles of alternative models in protein structure databases
In: Protein Engineering Design and Selection [17], 537-543
[16]W. Hofmann, E. Herrmann, B. Kronenberger, C. Merkwirth, C. Welsch, T. Lengauer, S. Zeuzem and C. Sarrazin2004Association of HCV-related mixed cryoglobulinemia with specific mutational patterns of the HCV E2 protein and CD81 expression on peripheral B lymphocytes
In: Blood [104], 1228-1229
[17]T. Lengauer, C. Lemmen, M. Rarey and M. Zimmermann2004Novel technologies for virtual screening
In: Drug Discovery Today [9], 27-34
[18]C. Merkwirth, H. Mauser, T. Schulz-Gasch, O. Roche, M. Stahl and T. Lengauer2004Ensemble methods for classification in cheminformatics
In: Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling [44], 1971-1978
[19]N. Öhsen von, I. Sommer, R. Zimmer and T. Lengauer2004Arby: Automatic protein structure prediction using profile-profile alignment and confidence measures
In: Bioinformatics [20], 2228-2235
[20]J. Rahnenführer2003Efficient Clustering Methods for Tumor Classification with Microarrays
In: Proceedings of the 26th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation, 670-679
[21]J. Rahnenführer2003Statistical Inference for Clustering Microarrays
In: Proceedings of the MSRI Workshop: Nonlinear Estimation and Classification, 323-332
[22]J. Rahnenführer, F. Domingues, J. Maydt and T. Lengauer2004Calculating the statistical significance of changes in pathway activity from gene expression data
In: Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology [3], Article 16
[23]T. Sing, N. Beerenwinkel and T. Lengauer2004Learning mixtures of localized rules by maximizing the area under the ROC curve
In: ROCAI-2004: 1st International Workshop on ROC Analysis in Artificial Intelligence, 89-96
[24]I. Sommer, J. Rahnenführer, F. Domingues, U. de Lichtenberg and T. Lengauer2004Predicting Protein Structure Classes from Function Predictions
In: Bioinformatics [20], 770-776
[25]M. Stoll, B. Corneliussen, C. Costello, G. Waetzig, B. Mellgard, W. Koch, P. Rosenstiel, M. Albrecht, P. Croucher, D. Seegert, S. Nikolaus, J. Hampe, T. Lengauer, S. Pierrou, U. Foelsch, C. Mathew, M. Lagerstrom-Fermer and S. Schreiber2004Genetic variation in DLG5 is associated with inflammatory bowel disease
In: Nature Genetics [36], 376-380
[26]P. Talwar, C. Wittmann, T. Lengauer and E. Heinzle2003Software tool for automated processing of 13C labeling data from mass spectrometry data
In: BioTechniques [35], 1214-1215

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