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  1. Stefan Ratschan and Zhikun She
    Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems by Constraint Propagation Based Abstraction Refinement
    ACM Transactions in Embedded Computing Systems 6 (1): 1-23, 2007

  2. Stefan Ratschan and Zhikun She
    Constraints for Continuous Reachability in the Verification of Hybrid Systems
    In: Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation, 8th International Conference, AISC 2006, Beijing, China, 2006, 196-210. Note: This work was partly supported by the German Research Council (DFG) as part of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center "Automatic Verification and Analysis of Complex Systems" (SFB/TR 14 AVACS). See for more information.
  3. Stefan Ratschan
    Efficient Solving of Quantified Inequality Constraints over the Real Numbers
    ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 7 (4): 723-748, 2006
  4. Zhikun She and Stefan Ratschan
    Providing a Basin of Attraction to a Target Region by Computation of Lyapunov-like Functions
    In: 4th IEEE International Conference on Computational Cybernetics, Tallinn, Estonia, 2006, 245-249
  5. Stefan Ratschan and Jan-Georg Smaus
    Verification-Integrated Falsification of Non-Deterministic Hybrid Systems
    In: 2nd IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems, Alghero, Italy, 2006
  6. Werner Damm, Guilherme Pinto, and Stefan Ratschan
    Guaranteed Termination in the Verification of LTL Properties of Non-linear Robust Discrete Time Hybrid Systems
    In: Automated technology for verification and analysis : Third International Symposium, ATVA 2005, Taipei, Taiwan, 2005, 99-113
  7. Stefan Ratschan and Zhikun She
    Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems by Constraint Propagation Based Abstraction Refinement
    In: Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control: 8th International Workshop, HSCC 2005, Z├╝rich, Schweiz, 2005, 573-589
  8. Stefan Ratschan
    Solving Undecidable Problems in the Theory of Real Numbers and Hybrid Systems
    In: Algorithmic Algebra and Logic; Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Volker Weispfenning, Passau, Germany, 2005, 213-216
  9. Stefan Ratschan
    Solving Existentially Quantified Constraints with One Equality and Arbitrarily Many Inequalities
    In: Principles and practice on constraint programming - CP 2003 : 9th International Conference, CP 2003, Kinsale, Ireland, September 29-October 3, 2003, 2003, 615-633
  10. Stefan Ratschan
    Convergent Approximate Solving of First-order Constraints by Approximate Quantifiers
    ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 5 (2): 264-281, 2004
  11. Stefan Ratschan and Josep Vehi
    Robust Pole Clustering of Parametric Uncertain Systems Using Interval Methods
    In: Robust control design 2003 : (ROCOND 2003) ; a proceedings volume from the 4th IFAC symposium, Milano, 25-27 June 2003, 2004, 323-328
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  12. Luc Jaulin, Stefan Ratschan, and Laurent Hardouin
    Set Computation for Nonlinear Control
    Reliable Computing 10 (1): 1-26, 2004