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Scientific Publications for 2014

Bringmann, K., T. Sauerwald, A. Stauffer and H. Sun: Balls into bins via local search: cover time and maximum load. In: 31st Symp. on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS-14) [***Warning: Editor(s) might be missing!]. Springer, Heidelberg 2014, accepted p.

Croitoru, C. and T. K├Âtzing: A normal form for argumentation frameworks. In: Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation (TAFA'13), Lect. Notes Artif. Intell. 8306. SPRINGER, New York 2014, 32-45.

Doerr, B. and C. Winzen: Ranking-Based black-box complexity. Algorithmica [***Warning: Volume missing ?, ] [***Warning: Pages missing ?] (2014).