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Theory of Computing Systems
2011Epstein, Leah
van Stee, Rob
Attachment IconImproved results for a memory allocation problem
In: Theory of Computing Systems [48], 79-92
Theoretical Computer Science
2011Friedrich, Tobias
Horoba, Christian
Neumann, Frank
Illustration of fairness in evolutionary multi-objective optimization
In: Theoretical Computer Science [412], 1546-1556
Theoretical Computer Science
2011Kavitha, Telikepalli
Mestre, Julian
Nasre, Meghana
Popular mixed matchings
In: Theoretical Computer Science [412], 2679-2690
Theoretical Computer Science
2011Manjunath, Madhusudan
Sharma, Vikram
Applications of dimensionality reduction and exponential sums to graph automorphism
In: Theoretical Computer Science [412], 3639-3649
Theoretical Computer Science
2010Neumann, Frank
Witt, Carsten
Ant Colony Optimization and the minimum spanning tree problem
In: Theoretical Computer Science [411], 2406-2413
Theoretical Computer Science
2009Christodoulou, George
Koutsoupias, Elias
Nanavati, Akash
Coordination Mechanisms
In: Theoretical Computer Science [410], 3327-3336
Theoretical Computer Science
2007Caragiannis, Ioannis
Fishkin, Aleksei V.
Kaklamanis, Christos
Papaioannou, Evi
A tight bound for online colouring of disk graphs
In: Theoretical Computer Science [384], 152-160
Theory of Computing Systems
2007Doerr, BenjaminRoundings respecting hard constraints
In: Theory of Computing Systems [40], 467-483
Theoretical Computer Science
2007Michail, DimitriosReducing rank-maximal to maximum weight matching
In: Theoretical Computer Science [389], 125-132
Theoretical Computer Science
2006Epstein, Leah
Kesselman, Alexander
On the remote server problem or more about TCP acknowledgments
In: Theoretical Computer Science [369], 285
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