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Thesis - Master's thesis | @MastersThesis | Masterarbeit

Author(s)*:Funke, Stefan
BibTeX citekey*:Funke97

Title, School
Title*:Exact Arithmetic using Cascaded Computation
School:Universität des Saarlandes
Type of Thesis*:Master's thesis

Note, Abstract, Copyright

Referees, Status, Dates
1. Referee:Mehlhorn, Kurt
Supervisor:Seel, Michael
Date Kolloquium:25 May 2018

MPG Unit:Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
MPG Subunit:Algorithms and Complexity Group
Audience:experts only
Appearance:MPG publications list, working group publication list, Fachbeirat

BibTeX Entry:

AUTHOR = {Funke, Stefan},
TITLE = {Exact Arithmetic using Cascaded Computation},
SCHOOL = {Universit{\"a}t des Saarlandes},
YEAR = {1997},
TYPE = {Master's thesis}

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