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Please note that due to its small number of apartments, the institute's guesthouse can only be available to guests or staff members who work with us.
Furthermore, the tenancy period shall be limited to some weeks only as we consider this to be sufficient time to find a permanent place of residence.

We would like to wish you a pleasant stay in our guesthouse! Please help to keep it comfortable and clean.

The institute and guesthouse share the same postal address so that incoming surface mail can be found in your mailbox in secretariat.
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Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Campus E 1 6
66123 Saarbrücken

Our guesthouse is a two story building located near our institute. The ground floor consists of 3 apartments (numbered 1 - 3) as well as a utility room with a washing machine and dryer (both free of charge) and household supply. The upper floor has 3 more apts (numbered 4 - 6 ) and a well equipped kitchen, shared by all tenants.

A convenient way to get breakfast is to use the neighboring university cafeteria (Mensa), which offers sandwiches and snacks in their small coffee shop on the ground floor (opening hours: 7:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. on week days during the semester and until 3 p.m. during vacation time).

Layout (see also Fotopage):
The apartments are equal in size, have the same layout and furniture and consist of a living/bedroom with separate shower and toilet and built-in closets in the hallway. They have a TV set with integrated satellite receiver, phone and alarm clock radio.

Bus lines
From the city center to the university (from the station "Rathaus") , bus no. 101, 102, 111, 124 run every 10 min. To go downtown, take the bus from the station ``Mensa''. Please also see the bus schedule .

Rent amount
Please ask Roxane Wetzel/Anja Lehmann.

Moving in and out
When arriving, you get a key which fits both the entrance of the house and your flat door. The supply room (ground floor, left side) is always kept unlocked.
Before moving out, please remove all food you stored in the fridge and in the kitchen shelves.
On the day you depart, you are asked to leave your flat by 10 a.m. to make it available again for new tenants.

In case of emergency or if immediate repairment of sth. is necessary (i.e. when a window is broken or a water tap is leacking), please inform our facility manager Mr. Koeppel (left entrance door of the guesthouse). When leaving your flat, even for a short while, make sure to switch off all electrical devices and lights and lock all doors!

Please do not remove any furniture from your room. Try to keep everything in good condition and please do not put the building's security at risk by inviting strangers onto the property.

Bedclothing, towels
These are provided by us and changed every week.

The phone number of your room is +49/681-9325-99... followed by your apt. number and allows calls within Saarbrücken only. For long distance and private calls please use your mobile. Business calls should be made in your office.

Note: For calls on the university campus, please use the free internal phone line:

dial 784 and then the extension of the person you wish to speak to;

persons calling from within the University dial 92 and then your extension.

Electrical devices
Due to safety reasons, it is not permitted to operate any electrical devices other than the ones already in the flat (exception: your laptop).

Usage of kitchen at night
To avoid any noise and inconveniences to other tenants, you are asked not to use the kitchen after 10 p.m.

Rooms are serviced (change of bedclothes and towels) and cleaned as follows:
Apt. 1 - 3 on Tuesdays, 10 a.m.
Apt. 4 - 6 on Mondays, 10 a.m.

If you do not wish to be disturbed or your flat does not need cleaning, please hang the sign on your door.
Cleaning the kitchen is every tenant's duty and should be done after each use. When washing the dishes, please use the dishwasher instead of doing it manually because drying on the dishes often leaves limescale residue. Do not put hot pots on the counter next to the stove, but use a trivet for hot cooking utensils instead. The fridge contains a compartment for each flat. Do keep your flat as well as the kitchen and its equipment in good condition.

Emptying the kitchen's trash can for normal waste is the tenant's duty. Please use the dumpster in front of the guesthouse.

Info: To reduce the amount of waste, we have a special system of garbage separation in Germany:

      Glass and paper are put into separate recycle bins in the kitchen that are emptied by us once per week.

      When the normal garbage can is full, please empty it into the garbage container outside the house.

Please note that hygienic articles mustn't be thrown into the toilet.

Every day articles
The kitchen provides a sufficient supply of pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, kitchen utensils and kitchen devices. Boxes on the kitchen shelf labeled with your apt. number are for your personal food and the others marked ``for common use''.
To handle it in an easy way, every guest replaces the things he has consumed like salt, spices and herbs, mustard, vinegar, oil, flour, sugar, noodles, rice, coffee, tea, milk, soup, etc.

Operation manuals
Manuals for the washing machine and dryer as well as for all kitchen devices are stored next to the devices.

You are responsible for your own valuables and personal belongings.

If you have a bike, use the bicycle lot (cache) next to the institute (below surface). Bikes should not be stored within the guesthouse.

Your guests
If they will be staying longer, please inform us in advance.

We ask you to reduce noise to a minimum, especially in the morning and evening hours: The walls separating the guesthouse part from the house of the facility manager's family are very thin and this often leads to an unwanted nuisance. Thank you for your understanding.

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