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11 Registering

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Please note that the university has established a special service, called ZIS, which offers a helping hand for students from abroad. All registration forms and/or applications for visa-extensions can be obtained and filled in there. They then submit forms and necessary documents for students to the appropriate offices in downtown. After approx. 2 weeks and by show of your passport, you get all originals back. Furthermore, they offer computer courses, monthly trips and excursions, guided tours of the university campus and much more.

Within a week of taking up residence in a private dwelling or within two months of taking up residence continuously in the same hotel, you must register with the local authorities
(queue ticket system in the waiting room):

Rathaus Carré, Gerberstr. 4
(new building next to the Rathaus)
Tel. 0681/9050

(Please see Mrs. Michaeli Probst, room 226, 2nd floor, head official of the Bürgeramt and available to take care of you.)

Documents you need to bring with you:
    • a valid passport
    • a copy of the lease or signed statement from your landlord as proof that you have a place to live

    In case your family is accompanying you, please present:
    • your certificate of marriage
    • birth certificate of your children

    (Document must be translated into German by an approved translator. Please see Roxane for help).

The authorities enter your personal data into the computer and print out a confirmation of your registration (Anmeldebestätigung) for you.
This registration document is also needed in order to open a bank account.

If you are not living in Saarbrücken, please see the city hall in your town of residence.

For a residence permit and prolongation of visa please apply at the
Amt für Ausländerangelegenheiten
Lebacher Str. 6, 66113 Saarbrücken,
(direkt bus line from Gausstrasse: line number 125)
Tel. 0681/50100 (service line)
Fax: 0681/501-7153
Office hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 12:00
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 13:00 - 16:00
Wednesday and Friday: closed in the afternoon

By appointment only! (Roxane/Anja will help you settling an appointment. If you belong to IMPRS, please see Jennifer Gerling).

Starting on the 1st of September 2012, the residence permit, namely "befristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis" is no longer stamped into your passport but handed out in form of a separate chip card. It is now called electronic residence permit (please choose your language on the link provided and you find an info brochure with the most important details).

English brochure is here:


For every prolongation, please present the following papers and note that employees are charged 100 euros (this is not applicable to scholarship holders or scholarship students (section 52, Abs. 5, No. 2, 3 German residency regulations):
    • passport
    • confirmation of your employment with us (including invitation letter in German), both available from your group's secretary.
      Please note that the invitation letter should contain the following information
        • payment period and amount of salary
        • that the purpose of your stay with us is as a fellow researcher and
        • duration of your stay
    • the registration certificate mentioned above (Anmeldebestätigung)
    • 1 biometric photo (can also be taken there)
    • health insurance certificate
    • if you are a student: A certificate of enrollment as a student (Studienbescheinigung) or notice of admission (Zulassungsbescheid)
    • if you are a post-doc: Hosting agreement, which is available from your group's secretary

    In case your family is accompanying you, please present:
    • your certificate of marriage
    • birth certificate of your children
    • biometric photos of all family members
    • health insurance for all family members
    • passports of all family members

    (If your documents are in English, please get a translation from an approved translator).
If your status as a guest scientist of MPI changes, an additional letter stating that the prolongation of contract is a matter of public and legal interest, should be brought with you.

In case your spouse accompanies you and is:
    • staying less than 3 months, a visa valid for only 3 months is issued with no prolongation possible
    • staying more than 3 months, your spouse must apply for a visa at the German Embassy in your home country (see also "First Contact"). A copy of the records is then transferred to the "Ausländeramt" in Saarbrücken where you should go with your spouse later (they announce an appointment for you by surface mail). There you have to proof that your partner can support themselves in Germany (by presenting documents stating the amount of your salary, size of your flat, etc.).

All documents not in German must be accompanied by a translation certified by an authorized Notary Public.

When you leave or your address changes:
!Do personally attend the registration office , in person informing them when your stay with us ends. Be prepared to show
    • your passport and
    • a confirmation from MPI that your contract and stay with us is ending
or, register with a new place of residence with the following records in case you move to a new flat
    • letter of acknowledgement by your landlord, stating that the previous tenancy ended
    • and the new lease agreement

If coming from a noneuropean--country (except USA, Australia, Japan, Israel, Canada, South Korea who only require a residence permit from the local authorities after entering Germany), You need to apply for a national visa.

After arriving in Germany, residence permission according to Paragraph 20 AufenthG (German residence regulation) will be issued for scientists by the local Foreign Office for the duration of the working contract or stipend (maximum of 2 years initially). Scientists and their spouses do not need a work permit (only applicable if visa given according to Paragraph 20). If a scholarship holder, the issue of permit is free of charge.

Our Advice:
Try to settle all these things early in the morning, since most offices are open to the public only until noon.

Please note that legal regulations are subject to constant changes!

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