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21 Kindergarten

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  • Kindergartens are divided into two categories, private and public The private ones are more expensive.
  • Children, are admitted to kindergartens starting at three years of age. If they are younger, they can go to nursery groups
      • nursery groups accept children of a few months 3 years of age and provide full care. They can only be booked for the whole day,
        i.e. even if you want your child to be there only half-time, the full fee has to be paid. Nursery groups are more expensive because the
        fee also includes snacks, meals, diapers, etc.
  • In both kindergartens and nursery groups, children are only admitted at the beginning of a new month, and with most of them there is even a waiting list.
  • When applying for a place, a health certificate for the child will be requested. You can obtain this certificate after a medical checkup with your pediatrician..
  • It is advisable to choose a kindergarten that is near your place of residence and/or work.
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