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20 Departure

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    Please settle the following in the weeks before you leave us:

    Things to do if having rented a flat:
    1. Check the period of notice in your lease and send a written(!) letter of notice to the landlord in time (
    2. Terminate all contracts supplying for phone/internet connection or electricity supply (Stadtwerke).
    3. Arrange to have your surface mail sent either to the institute (especially if you're going abroad; then we forward it to you once a month) or to your new place of residence, within Germany: Post offices provide this service for a period of approx. 6 months. The necessary form called ``Nachsendeauftrag" is available at the Post office or here: (fee approx. 12 euros). The new address will not be revealed to the sender if you specify this with a 'tick' on the form.

    Things to do one week in advance
    1. Inform us of your travel itinerary.
    2. See your secretary if you need to book train or plane tickets.
    3. Inform the registration office (see Registering) downtown in person of your departure: Show your passport and written confirmation from your landlord of the end of tenancy. You can also use this form which the landlord has to fill in and sign. In case you had to leave very quickly and are already abroad, the registry office wants you to send them a letter stating that you are no longer living in Germany. Please sign and send it to: B├╝rgeramt, Gerberstr. 4, 66104 Saarbr├╝cken. This is only accepted in exceptional cases.
    4. Close your bank account after having settled all obligations.
    5. Make an appointment with your landlord for a final check of your flat.
    6. Settle all debts you have with the institute (rent) with Sarah Scherer.
    7. If you are still to receive paycheck, see your secretary.
    8. For the case that you receive payment in cash, contact Sarah Scherer to issue a check.

    Things to do one day in advance (on business days)
    1. Return all books you borrowed from our library.
    2. Meet the landlord to:
        fill in the handover record for the flat,
        sign the final readings on the electrical meter and
        return your flat keys
    3. Return all keys, magnetic and mensa/university cards to Alexandra Klasen-Schmitt (building E1 5, first floor, room 114)) who then returns the stored deposit to you.
    4. See your group's secretary for the departure form and have it signed by the persons listed. Leave your future address with your group secretary and keep her informed of any changes regarding your address and email.
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