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4 At the Institute

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    In the building
    In case of emergency:
    • Escape routes are marked by green signs. The main route leads through the windows (!) to the escape balcony and then to the staircase-door downwards.
    • Fire-extinguishers either with CO2 or with H2O are marked accordingly. Use the first in all technical rooms and the latter for all other areas. Make sure that you are familiar with how to use them and always ready to act in an emergency.
    • The electrical devices in your office or the group's kitchen should be plugged into a time switch.
    • All doors leading into the building are constantly controlled at night and weekends. An alert is generated if doors are kept open too long, forcing a member of the institute to come and check the situation personally. To avoid this expenditure, make sure not to keep outside doors open for more than 30 seconds!

    Useful information
    • Copy machines are located on each floor and operate with codes (see your group secretary). An operation manual in English can be found next to the machines.
    • For binding papers, please use a special thermal binding machine located on the 1st floor, room 115C. It is easy to handle.
    • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in our buildings. Even a small amount of smoke causes an alarm signal for which you can be fined (350 euros ). This is the fee for the fire brigade to come to the building, even if called in vain.
    • espresso, cappuccino, coffee, tea are served on the first floor from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m on workdays. This is a meeting point for MPI-INF employees and their guests. Please help yourself.
    • Beverages are supplied by each group, please enroll in a list. When payment is due, you will be contacted by the person on duty.
    • Usage of our library should be in accordance with the library rules . To search for books and journal collections, please use the online catalogue, which is connected to the Department of Computer Science, Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) and Computerlinguistik (COLI). Further information on library services (e.g. access to databases and electronic journals, inter-library loan, etc..) can be found on the Library Homepage. If you have any questions, the library staff will be happy to help you!

    Services we offer
    • Health insurance coverage: if you do not have health insurance coverage for Germany, local insurance companies are available. The contribution varies from agency to agency; students pay less (special insurance company, please see also ``things to settle before you arrive''). If you are health insured for Germany already, please sign a statement with Sarah Scherer. When seeing a doctor here in Germany, please ensure to have your health insurance card with you.
    • Train tickets with a value of less than 100 Euros should be purchased by yourself, all other exceeding this amount can be ordered by your secretary. A Bahncard, granting the most bargain on all train tickets can be purchased at the train station. The card has a validity period of one year, starting at the date of issue (see also Transportation)
      Allocation basis for the reimbursement of Bahncard costs: Prices of GKT-ticket and Bahncard are checked against each other and the costs for the Bahncard should be covered by the difference (should be equal or higher than the Bahncard price).
    • When traveling on business purpose, fill in special forms with your secretary in order to apply for a reimbursement of travel costs (example) (for AG1 special guidelines have been established). When staying abroad, hotel prices do not always include costs for breakfast. This is also true for international hotel chains within Germany. In this case we cannot add it to the travel costs: Leave a note on the hotel bill, stating that the fee does not include the costs for breakfast.
    • The institute cars should be used for business purposes only and are available to all MPI INF staff members. For reservations please see your group's secretary.
    • United Parcel Service collects all express mail or express parcels between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. on workdays. To prepare the delivery documents, forward your UPS-mailings and the recipient's full address and (!) phone/fax number to your secretariat in the morning. For further details please call the UPS toll-free number: 0800/88 26 630.
    • Stationery can be found in your secretary's room. If you notice that something is running low, please leave a message there.
    • German language classes for beginners and advanced learners are offered by our institute. They are free of charge (also for your spouse) and meet twice a week for 90 minutes. Classes start with every new university semester. If interested in taking part, please contact

    • Human Resources/payroll department: For personnel matters please contact Michael Bentz.
    • For private phone calls we sell phone cards for 5 Euros (please see Alexandra Klasen-Schmitt). A coin-operated public phone is next to room 017, ground floor. Other pay-phones are located in front of building number E 1 3 (operated by phone cards) and at the university campus center. Public phone cards can be bought at post offices, stationery shops or larger department stores. To make a collect call, please use the operator number 0100; this will put you through to any country and number you require.
    • Announcements of talks, etc. are listed on the web and the campus event calendar and are sent per email daily.
    • Your incoming surface mail is stored in a basket labeled with your name and located in your secretary's office.
    • All outgoing surface mail should be put into the basket labeled ``Postausgang''. Please mail books, reprints, reports, documents, etc. with the imprint ``Drucksache zu ermässigter Gebühr'' which is literally ``Books at printed paper rate'' (stamps are with your secretary). This mail mustn't contain a letter. (Please decide if letters can be sent seperately by fax or email). For airmail please affix an airmail stamp to the envelope. Books and letters weighing more than 500g should be marked as ``Economy packet''. Please mark books and letters weighing more than 250g you want to sent by airmail as ``Premium packet'' (takes 2 - 3 days longer than an airmail letter).
    • Files: useful files like phone lists, lists of research reports, etc. are located on our website.
    • The campus access system is operated by a UniversityCard (UC), which also functions as a Mensa Card.
    • Protect your valuables by locking your office door even if you only leave the room for a few minutes. Please be aware that there have been cases of theft in the past. For reasons of security, several cameras have been installed at the institute building's entrances.
    • When publishing a research report, you'll get a report number from our library as soon as the report is ready. Also, the report should have been proofed by one of your group members (a person other than the report's authors). For the cover sheet, please also use special macros from our library. The macros also create a list of recently published reports and adds it automatically to both the report and ps file. Send an email to the containing the following details
        • title and authors,
        • abstract,
        • name of person who proofed the report's content,
        • ps file
      Please see a list of all research reports published at MPI INF on our website. Please also enter the report into your publications via intranet.
    • The Institute has a place for barbecue. All Institute members as well as members of the University's Computer Science Department can book this place through Roxane Wetzel. Furthermore, we have a grill to lend.
    • When commuting to the institute by bicycle, please note that there is a path along the main road "Meerwiesertalweg" for bicycles and pedestrians. Bikes for rent are offered at: Fahrradverleih Radlos, Nauwieserstr. 19, city center, phone: 37098
Of course we have only been able to give you brief information here. Please contact your group's secretary for further details.

    Things you are provided with:
    Things you can arrange:
    Group Secretary
    Info folder with:

        • Arrival form,
        • Computer account/Login
        • Contract application form
    Changing office rooms
    Arranging surface mail
    Hotel bookings
    Booking of train/plane tickets

        • stationery
        • copy code
      Applying for travel cost reimbursement
      Applying for days off
      Registering for conferences
      Booking of seminar rooms within MPI INF
      Reserving Institute cars
      Alexandra Klasen-Schmitt
          • MPI card
          • Mensa card if your are not a student
          • Office key
          Deposit of 20 euros each!
      Library service
      Borrowing and ordering books
      Roxane Wetzel
      Anja Lehmann
      International Office
      Administration of MPI flats
      Assistance in finding private housing
      Assistance in visa related matters
      Organisation of conferences/events at MPI INF
      Leasing a car with Europcar
      Reservation of MPI barbecue area and grill
      Michael Bentz
      Employment matters
      Salary matters
      Proposal form for health insurance
      (if not a student)
      Administrator of group
      Help in computer problems
      (Soft- and hardware)
      Steffi Joerg
      Enrolling in German Classes,
      all IMPRS matters
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