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11st contact/things to settle before you arrive
3Arriving at MPI
4At the Institute
5MPI guesthouse
6Guesthouse Fotopage
7Our flats at the location "IM SAUERBROD"
8Flats "Im Sauerbrod" Fotopage
9Accommodation we can arrange: At the place "GAUSS-STRASSE"
10Flats in "Gaussstrasse" Fotopage
12Cultural Sites
13Shopping facilities
14Eating on Campus
16German language classes
17Renting private accomodation
18Abbreviations in ads for flats to rent
19Phone and Internet in/for your flat
22Child allowance
23How to register at the University of Saarbr├╝cken
24Selecting a physician
25We need your cooperation
26Guidelines for Scientists New to Germany - Editor: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
27Useful links
28Flats we let in "Saarbr├╝cken-SCHEIDT"