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What and Who
Title:TCS+ talk: Optimization, Complexity and Math (through the lens of one problem and one algorithm)
Speaker:Avi Wigderson
coming from:IAS, Princeton
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Event Type:Talk
Visibility:D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, RG1, SWS, MMCI
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Level:AG Audience
Date, Time and Location
Date:Wednesday, 31 January 2018
Duration:60 Minutes
Building:E1 4
Room:D1 Rotunda
In this lecture, we introduce and motivate the main characters in this plot:

- Singularity of symbolic matrices: a basic problem in both computational complexity.
- Alternating Minimization: a basic heuristic in non-convex optimization.

I will explain how variants of this algorithm are applied to variants of this problem, how they are analyzed, and how the analysis gives rise to problems in and connections between a surprisingly diverse set of mathematical areas, including quantum information theory, non-commutative algebra and invariant theory, and analysis. Time permitting, we will discuss challenges this work raises in invariant theory and non-convex optimization.

NOTE: This is a remote talk and we will participate via Google Hangouts where we will also be able to ask questions.

Name(s):André Nusser
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