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Title:Subexponential Size HItting Sets for Bounded Depth Multilinear Formulas
Speaker:Ben Lee Volk/Amir Shpilka
coming from:Tel Aviv University
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Event Type:Talk
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Level:AG Audience
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Date:Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Duration:60 Minutes
We give subexponential size hitting sets for bounded depth multilinear arithmetic formulas. Using the known relation between black-box PIT and lower bounds we obtain lower bounds for these models.

Our results are combinatorial in nature and rely on reducing the underlying formula, first to a depth-4 formula, and then to a read-once algebraic branching program (from depth-3 formulas we go straight to read-once algebraic branching programs).

Based on a joint work with Rafael Mendes de Oliveira and Ben Lee Volk

Name(s):Karteek Sreenivasaiah
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