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Title:From Perception over Anticipation to Manipulation
Speaker:Wenbin Li
coming from:Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik - D2
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Event Type:Promotionskolloquium
Visibility:D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, RG1, SWS, MMCI
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Level:Public Audience
Date, Time and Location
Date:Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Duration:60 Minutes
Building:E1 4
From autonomous driving cars to surgical robots, robotic system has enjoyed significant growth over the past decade. With the rapid development in robotics alongside the evolution in the related fields, such as computer vision and machine learning, integrating perception, anticipation and manipulation is key to the success of future robotic system. In this talk, we summarize our efforts of exploring different ways of such integration to extend the capabilities of a robotic system to take on more challenging real world tasks.

On anticipation and perception, we address the recognition of ongoing activity from videos. In particular we focus on long-duration and complex activities and hence propose a new challenging dataset to facilitate the work. On manipulation with perception, we propose an efficient framework for programming a robot to use human tools and evaluate it on a Baxter research robot. Finally, combining perception, anticipation and manipulation, we focus on a block stacking task. We first explore how to guide robot to place a single block into the scene without collapsing the existing structure and later introduce the target stacking task where the agent stacks blocks to reproduce a tower shown in an image. We validate our model on both synthetic and real-world settings.

Name(s):Connie Balzert
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