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Title:An SMT-Based Approach to Coverability Analysis
Speaker:Filip Niksic
coming from:Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
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Event Type:SWS Student Defense Talks - Qualifying Exam
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Level:Expert Audience
Date, Time and Location
Date:Friday, 12 December 2014
Duration:60 Minutes
Model checkers based on Petri net coverability have been used
successfully in recent years to verify safety properties of concurrent
shared-memory or asynchronous message-passing software. We revisit a
constraint approach to coverability based on classical Petri net
analysis techniques. We show how to utilize an SMT solver to implement
the constraint approach, and additionally, to generate an inductive
invariant from a safety proof. We empirically evaluate our procedure on
a large set of existing Petri net benchmarks. Even though our technique
is incomplete, it can quickly discharge most of the safe instances.
Additionally, the inductive invariants computed are usually orders of
magnitude smaller than those produced by existing solvers.
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